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Alpacas For Sale

All our alpacas bred on farm have been trained to walk on a halter and to be handled in a pen. We provide training and notes about the care that they need.

We have several classes of alpaca for sale from our jet black breeding herd to low cost alpacas to keep your paddocks under control. They are easier than most other livestock to care for, but they do need daily observation, a weekly body check, a few injections and annual shearing to ensure that they stay healthy. They are farm animals not pets like cats or dogs.

Jet Black Alpacas

13 years of careful breeding has resulted in our  jet black breeding herd. All are now available for sale. Download the PDF list.

Wethers and Young Boys

These are the boys that didn't get selected to be stud males. We have four gorgeous 10 month olds, and several older males which we have kept for their fleece. Download the PDF list.

Female Alpacas

These are the girls  who either didn't make the cut to get into our elite herd, owho have been replaced by their (improved) daughters or are different colours. Many are proven breeders, some are maidens. Alpacas can continue to breed until they are about 16 years old, or even longer if they are in good condition. Download the PDF List.

Older Females Looking for a Good Home

These are mainly our first alpacas, now living in retirement. They are free to a good home, but we do need to know they will be well cared for. Download the PDF list.